Complete guide to generate much more job interviews!

Module 1 Finding Hidden Job Opportunities
Unit 1 Please watch this before you start...
Unit 2 Step 2 - Casting Your Net!
Unit 3 Step 2.a) - Finding Hidden Job Opportunities on Google
Unit 4 Step 2.b) Finding More Hidden Job Opportunities
Unit 5 How To Find "Hidden Jobs" Using Facebook Messenger!
Unit 6 Step 2.c) Hidden Jobs on LinkedIn
Unit 7 Step 2.d) Writing an article on LinkedIn Pulse.mp4
Unit 8 Step 2.e) Stop looking for a job, start marketing your services
Module 2 Apply Like A PRO!
Unit 1 Step 3: Applying like a pro! Introduction
Unit 2 Step 3.a) Finding direct emails - Method #1
Unit 3 Step 3.b) Finding direct emails - Method 2
Unit 4 Step 3.c) Finding direct emails - Method #3
Unit 5 Step 3.d) Sending your job application
Unit 6 Step 3.e) Finding and using e-mail templates
Unit 7 Step 3.f) Tracking Your Job Applications
Unit 8 Step 3.g) Unsolicited Job Applications
Module 3 Following Up Like A PRO!
Unit 1 How to set up a follow up process
Unit 2 How To Follow Up Like a Pro!
Unit 3 What if you still don't get any Employer Phone Calls?
Module 4 Networking 101
Unit 1 The art of networking - Introduction
Unit 2 What if you do not have a strong network?
Unit 3 The Networking Strategy
Unit 4 The 4 F's of Networking
Unit 5 How to approach Alumni: STEP 1
Unit 6 How to approach Alumni: STEP 2
Unit 7 Key questions to ask during an Info ITV
Unit 8 Preparing for your informational interview
Unit 9 Your Elevator Pitch