CV: Don’t write it, Prove it!

Your CV must prove everything by quantifiable facts and examples.

Every statement on your CV is wrong until proven otherwise. The way you do this is through quantification. Remember the example of the shop earlier on, well you will find that what you find is specific quantities and measurements. 48 Hours battery life (NOT “Excellent Battery Life”), 18 Megapixel Camera (NOT “Proficient at taking beautiful pictures”)…etc.

The main tip here is that for every statement you have on your CV, ask yourself:

  • What makes me say that? How can I prove it?
  • What examples would really show what I am advancing here?
  • If you say good or excellent? Ask yourself, “how good/excellent”, “compared to who?”

Change this and you would start speaking the same language of the employer, which is the language of buyers that you yourself speak when you are in a shop.

Y’Allah, until our next email, I wish you all the best!
Hamza Zaouali.