The forgotten art of networking – Part 1

According to a recent study, 28% of Jobs are filled through referrals. Yep, simply with someone referring someone else… (To read the complete study, please click here). According to another study completed by Forbes magazine in 2009, 2010 and 2011,they even found that over 40% of hiring are made through networking.  In other words, regardless to which study you believe, Networking plays a crucial part in finding a new role nowadays. That is, if you know how of course…

We have all heard the old adage:“It’s not WHAT you know that counts, but WHO you know that matters”.
I sometimes feel the saying has been repeated so many times that it lost its meaning somehow…  Although everyone agrees to some extent, how do we actually get to know the movers and shakers in our field? Even when we do, how do we actually get them to “refer” us to others?  After all, why would they do that?

 Networking basis

    Get“amazing” at socializing:

The word here is “Amazing”. People want to know “amazing” people. For you to become amazing, you need to understand what makes you amazing in people’s eyes. Too often, do I come across people trying to get my attention by talking about them… The truth is unless you can fly or move objects simply by looking at them, you would not impress me a bit.

However what always catches my attention with people is their attitude, their personality, their readiness to help others. The reason I would go to networking events is to connect with amazing people. And for me, amazing people are selfless, always ready to help and/or of good, if not great advice. They can also be the inspiring mentors that benefit many of us by conducting FREE public speaking sessions for example. Amazing people inspire by their selflessness and readiness to help and listen to others. They are the real heroes of our societies. Whatever their talent, they GIVE, they CARE and do not expect much in return. That is in essence why they are amazing to the eyes of so many people.